Retail, Commerce & Industry

These are examples of commercial Retail projects that we finance

  • Supermarkets
  • Large scale retailers
  • General dealers

Specialized retailers (service stations, restaurants, furniture shops, funeral parlous, florists etc.

  • Butcheries
  • Hair salons

Commercial projects financed include

  • Business services
  • Hotel & Tourism projects
  • Restaurants
  • Civic & Community projects (educational institutions)

This includes working capital, machinery and equipment and building construction & refurbishment for these types of businesses.

Fraud Hotlines

Please call any of these numbers below to report any fraudulent activity...

Mascom: 71119673

Orange: 1144

BTC: 0800600644



P O Box 10387, Palapye

Customer Service Manager

Ms Oaitse Mudlovu

Direct Line: +267 492 0514

P.O. Box 282 Francistown

Customer Service Manager
Ms Colleen Phiri

Direct Line: +267 241 6057

P.O. Box 225 Gaborone

Channels Distribution Manager

Mrs Betty Bagwisanyi

Direct Line : +267 360 4963

P.O. Box  453 Maun

Customer Service Manager
Ms Sophie Botlhagile

Direct Line: +267 686 0831

Client Stories

These are testimonies from individuals and business owners who through the assistance of the NDB have managed to start successful businesses and created sustainable jobs for Batswana.