Financial Wellness Webinar 2023

01 Dec 2023


Leading Agribank, National Development Bank (NDB) through its Insurance wing has accelerated its relentless drive to promoting financial wellness and extending financial services to its customers. To the company of an array of stakeholders this week, NDB Insurance Agency held a financial wellness workshop in Gaborone as part of its commitment to extending acute financial services to Batswana from all walks of life. 

The groundbreaking Financial Wellness Webinar was held under the theme “Empower 2024: Navigating The Future, Building Wealth, Securing Legacies”, led by visionaries from National Development Bank and its strategic partners. The event transcended conventional boundaries, catering to ordinary entrepreneurs, tuck-shop owners, and farmers, empowering them with knowledge that transcends the digital age. It also delved into the depths of short and long-term insurance with industry leaders, shattering myths and illuminating the path to financial security.
The financial wellness meeting also served as an opportunity for the Bank to engage with its stakeholders and partners on modern trends in personal and business finance. Financial experts from all finance fields had the chance to share knowledge on trends in finance management and on new wealth management skills.

Chief Executive Officer at NDB, Ms Ogone Madisa said that globally, the world is undergoing a transformative epoch, one that is marked by disruptive patterns in the way wealth and money is managed. This for Madisa is a propelling force for institutions to change the way they operate and a challenge for individuals to look beyond the normal way of doing business.
“Today, we embark on a journey together, a journey towards transformation, empowerment, and limitless possibilities. I stand before you not just as a CEO but as a passionate advocate committed to catalysing change and amplifying opportunities for every entrepreneur in Botswana” she said.

Madisa further alluded to the fact that global changes in the world of finance have meant that concepts such as risk and insurance have also underwent a lot of change. For Madisa an ever evolving world means that risks facing institutions and businesses are also ever evolving calling for more innovation and shrewd business acumen to solve such predicaments.

“Imagine this: You, an entrepreneur, resilient and passionate, working hard day in and day out, striving to turn dreams into reality. Yet, lurking in the shadows are uncertainties, the risks that threaten to undermine your efforts. This is the reality many of us face, from the unbankable entrepreneur seeking their first break to the seasoned farmers nurturing our lands and the large-scale visionaries shaping industries” she said.

On this backdrop, NDB introduced its new terrain in the insurance ground, introducing a product that covers businesses and farmers from ever evolving risks. This insurance product by NDB is meant to act more than a safety net for assets according to Madisa but it’s meant to enhance business value and net worth.

Panellists such as Chodiwa Mosweu, NDB Insurance Agency’s Agency and advisory Manager/ Principal Officer, said that insurance is more than just protection from risks but rather insurance has hatched to being a means of growing personal net worth. Mosweu further said that financial excellence happens at the backdrop of overcoming financial myths that often impede implementing sound financial decisions.
“Financial wellness is also about overcoming myths and beliefs that prevent the carrying out of correct finance practises” she said.

Other panellists from the world of insurance and wealth management also added that money management skills should be paired with emotional management skills to safeguard the growth of assets and wealth. 
NDB continues to assert itself as a bank with an interest to grow wealth for all Batswana through tailor made financial services solutions.

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