What We Finance

National Development Bank has got two types of loans, being Business loans and human capital development loan (individual loans). Under Business loans we have got standard loans that ranges from P10, 000 up to P60 Million. Individual loans have got four fast track loans, namely Ntlhatlosa Kwa Morakeng, Temo Bokamoso, Bonno home loan and Nthuta school fees loan.

Information on insurance services covering NDB loans

The Bank provides insurance services for Business loans Human capital or indivuals loans, Such as Credit life and Insurance against natural disasters. Contact branches for the latest developments and insurance options

Products Covered

  • Nthuta School Fees loan
  • Temo Bokamoso
  • Bonno 

Type of Insurance

Credit Life

  • Natural Hazards (Compulsory)
  • Mortgage Protection (Optional)


Products Covered

Business Loans: Applicable for customers acquiring business loans.     

Type of Insurance

  • Asset Insurance
  • Contractors All Risk
    • Required for all applicants under Tender Financing. The insurance covers, third party, raw materials on site, existing property and plant and machinery; against damage and theft.
  • Business Interruptions
  • Goods In Transit/Marine (Freight) Insurance: This insurance covers physical and damage/loss of goods during transportation.


Credit Life

This insurance covers the following:

  • Disabilities against Key person or applicant
  • Loss of employment (only covers instalments for a period of 6 months)


Insurance Against Natural Hazards For Assets 

This insurance covers damage to property against natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and fire.

Business Interruptions

The insurance covers Fines and Penalty for late submission or payment where the issuer has not been able to release funds after goods or services rendered.

Where the customer provides transport for goods to be delivered to the Issuer, an insurance cover should be undertaken. This is to guard against such things as public liability, fire, theft etc.

Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme (Acgs)

The Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme was established by the Government in 1986, as an insurance cover to assist all dry –land (rain fed) arable farmers, against natural hazards associated with crop farming such as drought, floods and frost. The decision to apply the ACGS on any particular year is made by Government after assessment of the crop production for a particular year. The criteria for disbursing the funds under the Scheme are as follows:

  • The farmers should have enrolled for the Scheme for that ploughing season. Qualifying farmers are those who obtained agricultural loans for seasonal inputs (for example Seeds, tractor fuel, fertilizers); and those who obtained loans for farming machinery and implements.
  • To enrol in the Scheme, the farmer pays 5% of the annual instalment as premium; the Bank also assists the farmer by paying the other 5% premium. The combined premium (10%) is paid by the Government.
  • The farmer only benefits from the crop protection cover when the Government (the President) has declared the ploughing season as a drought year.
  • When a drought year is declared, the Government assists all farmers that have enrolled in Scheme and are up-to-date with payment of premiums. The government pays 85% of the instalment due for that year.   

Property Valuations and related services

To strengthen and facilitate smooth operations, The Bank has its preferred valuers to carry out valuation of asserts offered as security.

Below is the list * please note that the Bank reviews valuers form time to time, therefore, it is important to always check with your sales executive for the latest valuers.

Willy Kathurima Associates (Pty) Ltd

Gaborone Branch
Tel: 3162895, 3162896, 3162897,312898
Fax: 3162900

Francistown Branch
Tel: 2414301: 
Fax 2414302

Maun Branch 
Tel: 6800656

Kwena Properties (Pty) Ltd

Gaborone Branch
Private Bag 0099
Tel: 3903250, Fax 3903251

Francistown Branch
Private Bag F241

Tel: 2414537

Apex Properties (Pty) Ltd 

P.O.Box 1751

Tel 3973333
Fax 3164718
Email: maje@majemaje.com

Space and Place (Pty) Ltd

P.O.Box 53355
Tel: 3163727
Fax: 3916761

More Property Valuers ( Pty) Ltd

Plot 6398/4, Lejara Road, Broadhurst, Gaborone
Tel: 3182111 
Fax: 3182112

Fraud Hotlines

Please call any of these numbers below to report any fraudulent activity...

Mascom: 71119673

Orange: 1144

BTC: 0800600644



P O Box 10387, Palapye

Customer Service Manager

Ms Oaitse Mudlovu

Direct Line: +267 492 0514

P.O. Box 282 Francistown

Customer Service Manager
Ms Colleen Phiri

Direct Line: +267 241 6057

P.O. Box 225 Gaborone

Channels Distribution Manager

Mrs Betty Bagwisanyi

Direct Line : +267 360 4963

P.O. Box  453 Maun

Customer Service Manager
Ms Sophie Botlhagile

Direct Line: +267 686 0831

Client Stories

These are testimonies from individuals and business owners who through the assistance of the NDB have managed to start successful businesses and created sustainable jobs for Batswana.