Collaborative Alliances (Pandamatenga, BALA, LEA, BAMB)

The Bank has strategic alliances to enhance value proposition and improve customer relations. Over years the Bank has gone into partnership with different organisations to reinforce the areas of Training and Mentoring and Marketing.

BAMB & NDB Mutual Agreement

NDB and BAMB signed a memorandum of agreement to jointly work together to assist farmers who are committed to Arable farming. The agreement will surely contribute to the countries efforts to improve food security and divert the economy from reliance on the Mining sector alone. This agreement will also provide a platform for farmers to grow from small scale to large-scale farming enabling them to feed the nation and export to international markets.

Scope of the Services

  • The parties will jointly undertake to identify farmers who will participate in structured contract farming.
  • BAMB will select farmers who will participate in the scheme based on the selection criteria that will be agreed by both parties.
  • NDB will provide, on time the funds in the form of seasonal loans to participating farmers, unless the farmer does not meet any of the Banks requirements of eligibility for loan finance.
  • BAMB will during the harvest period purchase produce from the farmers and forward payment to NDB in accordance with the Deed of Cession signed between the farmer and NDB.
  • NDB & BAMB will monitor and support farmers by visiting projects to appreciate first hand challenges and successes that arise.
  • Farmers will be guaranteed of a market for their harvest at competitive rates for inputs by BAMB and finance by NDB.

LEA & NDB Mutual Agreement

NDB & LEA signed a memorandum of understanding to assist Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) with training, mentoring and access to funding. The following deliverables are desired from this agreement.

  • Accessibility of information though the LEA Branch Network
  • Provide an opportunity for potential entrepreneurs through Research and Development by LEA on SME’s programs.
  • Mentorship programs by LEA
  • Financial assistance from NDB

BALA & NDB Mutual Agreement

NDB and BALA have jointly signed a Memorandum of Understanding to achieve the following:

  • To provide a framework which supports self-empowerment and wealth creation for employees of Local Authorities through the provision of financial solutions in the form of loan facilities by NDB under an employee scheme arrangement for employees of all Local Authorities herein referred to as “Councils”, subject to terms and conditions;
  • To establish a conducive environment which allows for efficient administration of the proposed employee loan scheme;
  • For the  MoU participants to assist each other in monitoring  Local Authorities Participating in the NDB group loan scheme;
  • NDB will be the corporate sponsor of the BALA annual event for the next three (3) years, subject to the terms and conditions of the Sponsorship Agreement to be signed by the Participants.

Fraud Hotlines

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Client Stories

These are testimonies from individuals and business owners who through the assistance of the NDB have managed to start successful businesses and created sustainable jobs for Batswana.