#FeedTheNation Campaign

What is the #FeedTheNation Campaign?

  • In line with the Bank’s Strategy which supports the national strategic goals of food security, employment creation and SME development, the Bank is calling on citizen companies to embrace innovative smart farming methods and participate in addressing Government’s call for increased participation in local food production and #FeedTheNation;
  • The campaign also responds to the food shortage that has been elevated by the COVID -19 pandemic;
  • The campaign covers (5) five agricultural sub sectors being horticulture, small stock, cereals, beef and poultry with the first phase of the campaign focusing on horticulture;
  • The campaign is funded under the NDB Agribusiness Stimulus Fund.

Who qualifies to submit a proposal under the current Horticulture #FeedTheNation campaign?

  • Botswana registered farming entities which wish to expand their existing horticulture businesses;
  • Botswana registered businesses supporting the horticulture value chain;
  • Businesses should have been in operation for at least 12 months;
  • Emerging or commercial farmers willing to mentor and hand-hold young

What does the NDB Agribusiness Stimulus Fund finance?

  • The Fund finances the following: 
    • working capital (seeds, wages, fertilisers, chemicals, etc.);
    • machinery & equipment, (e.g. tunnel, greenhouses);
    • Farm developments.

Do I need to have access to land? If so, what is the minimum land size required?

  • Access to land and proof of ownership is a requirement;
  • The minimum land size required is 1 ha;
  • Availability of water and proof of water rights are also a pre-requisite.

I do not have land and water rights, but I have identified a farm to buy.  Can I submit a proposal under the Campaign?

  • No. You can apply for an NDB business loan through our normal channels.

What is the maximum loan amount that one can request for under the NDB Agribusiness Stimulus Fund?

  • Maximum loan amount is P15 million. 

What is the interest rate and repayment period under the Fund?

  • The Bank interest rate charges are risk based and ranges from Prime + 2% to prime +4% per annum.
  • Majority women-promoted business will enjoy a further 1% interest subsidy. 
  • Repayment period ranges from 1 year to 15 years.

How much contribution is required?

  • Minimum 20% of total project costs in kind or cash;
  • Existing farm developments such as farm buildings, irrigation equipment, borehole and greenhouses can be considered as contribution based on their valuation.

Do I need to provide security or collateral for the funding if my application is successful?

  • Yes. This could be in the form of immovable and/or movable property as prescribed by the NDB Credit Policy. All immovable property must have a title deed. 

If I’m working can I apply for the loan?

  • We encourage owner-managed projects;
  • or where the owner is not full time a competent manager should be appointed to run the project.

Do I need any qualification/experience to access the Fund?

  • Evidence of qualification and/or practical experience is required.
  • The key management team should have relevant skills to run the project.

When will I know if my application is successful?

  • All applications will be responded to 3 weeks from the date of submission. 

How do I apply?

  • Submit your business proposal and NDB Agribusiness Stimulus Fund application (which you can get from our website) to feedthenation@ndb.bw or at the nearest NDB branch.
  • For further information contact Monageng Rebaagetse on 71396931 or Lebogang Wadipeba on 71525717.

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